signal sequence prediction

Robert C. Colgrove robin at cco.caltech.edu
Sat Dec 5 00:10:46 EST 1992

Several asked about signal sequence prediction.
When the Von Heijne paper came out when i was in grad school,
I wrote some c programs to implement it, plot it and
do cute stuff like sort all of genbank for good looking signals.
I presume that this is all archaic by now and that much more
professional stuff is online somewhere, but if not
I could rummage through my old disks and email the sections of
my thesis that have the Von Heijne matrix, a c program to use it
and some unix scripts to plot the results.
Would take a bit of work, though.
Let me know if this would be helpful
(like i said, i suspect "real" programmers have
written and archived better stuff elsewhere)
robin at calypso.bih.harvard.edu

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