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  OFFICE MEMO          TCAmechanism                           Date:11/17/92
Do your netters feel held hostage by this TCA crazed maniac that will not
accept a simple answer?  I hesitated to send the third one, but still haven't
got the anwer i'm looking for, so i'll ask a clearer question, one with a
little backround and take the plunge:
these days i'm studying HMG protein binding to AT rich sequence of dsDNA.   
southwestern blots of wheat crude HMG fractions show a number of proteins
capable of specific binding, all with an AT component.   one of them, and
probably all of them, make their binding contacts with the minor groove of the
AT DNA.  so i wonder why is it that this family of proteins are soluable in 2%
TCA?(part of the operational def. of HMG proteins)  why is this certain
chemical reactivity or some other aspect of their fucntion correlated with 2%
TCA soluablility?  certainly there are a lot of proteins that are sol. in 2%
TCA that don't have these characteristics, but i am curious about the mechanism
of TCA precipitation.  Does it say anything about the proteins?  i promise this
is the last posting. if there are no replies i will conclude it happens the
same way nucleic acid bind to nitrocellulose.
the long goodbye,

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