XQS errors with EMBL31,Genbank72

Sun Aug 2 06:59:00 EST 1992

           XQS, EMBL31, Genbank 72

Has anyone else had the same problem with XQS version 3, EMBL31 and Genbank72?

o The type and copy commands elicit the response that any given EMBL or Genbank
  entry code is not in the database.

  XQS> bases EMBL
  XQS> type/text ebv
  EBV cannot be found
     The entry is not in the database

o The author and keyword searches work OK and give a list of entries.
  None of the entry codes reported can be typed or copied.

o BUT ..... you can type the whole list!

  XQS> author abe
       27 authors found
  XQS> list
      149 entries on the current list
  XQS> type/text
  current list entries will be processed

  Then you DO get the text for the entries output.

  Solutions to this problem welcomed. None of the smaller databases appear 
  to be affected - ie: PIR, Swissprot, daily EMBL updates.

  Does anyone out there NOT get this with EMBL31? If so I must suspect my
  index creation software, or XQS version3. I have run the index creation
  twice now to make sure.


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