Zn binding to polyhistidine

James Petts pettsj at visigoth.demon.co.uk
Fri Aug 28 01:46:54 EST 1992

In article <01GO32J3NJNY9357M2 at minna.iit.edu> , CMSMUELLER at KARL.IIT.EDU
>Does anyone know the relationship between the number of 
>histidine residues and the binding affinity to Zn++?  

Therw was an article in "Protein Engineering" somewhen in 1991 which look 
at binding of metal ions to his and asp/glu residues in proteins. 
Also, the residues which bind a Zn ion seem to be dependent on the nature 
of the substrate of the protein. e.g., astacin, stromelysin, collagenase, 
thermolysin, etc, etc, which have a neutral substrate, bind the Zn with 
two his and one asp/glu residue, whereas e.g. carbonic anhydrase has 3 
his residues. That's about the limit of my knowledge. Hope it helps.

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