xtals of p1 nuclease

NEUTRINO v098p82f at ubvmsb.cc.buffalo.edu
Thu Apr 9 09:30:00 EST 1992


  I need some advice...I've been trying to crystallize nuclease P1 from
pennecilium citrinum for some time now...with poor results.  The structure
was done{beautiful work might I add} by ARmin LAHM at EMBL.  I've followed
his recipies to the letter but have had no good results......any advice
you could offer would help.I'm curently using a hganging drop
and a sitting drop setup  30% saturated amm.sulfate, 5mM ZnCl against
65% saturated amm. sulfate.

Also..where can i get the primary sequence for phoshpholipase C as well
as the refined structural coordinates? references?

thanks in advance

joe falcone
v098p82f at ubvmsb.cc.buffalo.edu 

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