NEUTRINO v098p82f at ubvmsb.cc.buffalo.edu
Mon Apr 20 09:01:00 EST 1992


I am interested in modelling the active site of endonuclease p1 from
penecillium citrinum..P1 nuclease has a high sequence homology in the
active site to phospholipase c from bacillus cerus.   The crystal structure
of phospholipase c has been found to 1.8 angstrom resolution, and was published
in nature in 1989(hough et al).....BUT, I do not have the coordinates
 of this structure.

Where can i get the coordinates so that i can do some structural modeling
of the active sites of both of these protiens??

thanks in advance
joe falcone
v098p82f at ubvmsb.cc.buffalo.edu
state university of new york at buffalo
dept. of biophysics

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