Protein Structure Display

Rob Russell rbr at biochemistry.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Nov 29 09:32:46 EST 1991

Chris Upton (Chris_Upton at ca.ualberta.biochem.darwin) writes:

>   I looking for a program that will display protein structures on a Sparc2.
>I don't need to do anything fancy just look at the structures and twirl them

We obtained a program called `nseqtool' from the EMBL file
server (just send a message saying `help' to netserv at de.embl-heidleberg).
The program allows you to twirl 3D structures in stereo on a 
sparcstation, in addition to all sorts of fancy things with sequence
alignments (ie. in conjunction with the structure).

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		Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
		Oxford, U.K.
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