Protein databases

Douglas Brutlag brutlag at cmgm.stanford.edu
Wed May 22 23:17:49 EST 1991

jwarren at silver.ucs.indiana.edu (John Warren) writes:

>Does anyone have any information regarding databases that enable a user to 
>find proteins by their functions, or the functions of a protein by its
>sequence or name?

The GenBank Online Service used the IRX program which lets one select
any subset of protein sequences from PIR or Swiss-Prot or GenPept
(which is updated daily) by any word in the annotations.  This lets
you find any protein by its name or by function, such as all
dehydrogenases etc.  Since Swiss-Prot also includes super family as a
descriptor you can get all members of a superfamily.

Because of its descriptors, many other implementations of the
Swiss-Prot database allow one to isolate proteins by function such as
the one in the PC/Gene program.

Doug Brutlag

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