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Prion Digest                Mon, 18 Mar 91       Volume 1 : Issue   1 

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                          Prion Bibliography

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Date: Mon, 18 Mar 91 02:27:56 -0800
From: swansonc at stolaf.edu
Subject: Prion Bibliography
To: prion

Well, here's the first posting to the digest.  The initiator for the
digest was a posting I made to the net asking for bibliographies on
Prions or related diseases.  I got a rather good responce, so I polled
the respondents about a digest and almost all (1 didn't) thought it
would be a good idea, hence the digest you see before you now.

I have included a refer format bibliography database I made up from
the responses I received from my orig. inquiry.  Not all of the
entries are complete.  I have managed to track down the missing info
on some of them, but I have not had a lot of free time due to midterms
comming up (this week - groan).

If anyone wants to keep sending bib entries into me, I will gladly
keep a current bibliography file updated and available via ftp or mail
(maybe a monthy digest posting if there is intrest).

Here it is:

%T Scrapie, Ribosomal Proteins and Biological Information
%J Journal of Theoretical Biology
%V 122
%P 157
%D 1986

%A Pruisner, S
%A McKinley, M
%T Prions: Novel Infectious Agents Causing Scrapie and Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease.
%I Academic Press
%C San Diego
%D 1987

%J Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology
%V 14
%P 325-36
%D 1988

%A Prusiner, S.
%T Scrapie Prions
%J Annual Review of Microbiology
%V 43
%P 345-74
%D 1989

%A Aiken, J. M.
%A Marsh, R. F.
%T The Search for Scrapie Agent Nucleic Acid
%J Microbiologu Reviews
%V 54
%P 242-6
%D 1990

%A Kingsbury, David T.
%T Genetics of Response to Slow Virus (Prion) Infection
%J Annual Review of Genetics
%V 24
%P 115-32
%D 1990

%A Haio (?)
%T Spontaneous Neurodegeneration in Transgenic Mice With Mutant Prion Proteins
%J Science
%V 250
%P 1587
%D 14 Dec 1990

%T Trangenic Studies Implicate Interactions Between Homologous PrP Isoform is Scrape Prion Replication
%J Cell
%V 63
%P 673-86
%D 16 Nov 1990

%T Acquisition of Protease Resistance by Prion Proteins in Scrapie-Infected Cells Does Not Require Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation
%V 87
%P 8262-66
%D Nov 1990

%A Weissman, C.
%T Spongiform Encephalopathies: The Prion's Progress
%J Nature
%V 349
%P 569-71
%D 14 Feb 1991


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