Books on Heme-protein

Jack Kramer - Biophysics kramer at beasley.CS.ORST.EDU
Fri Jun 21 20:20:30 EST 1991

In article <9106201350.AA26670 at genbank.bio.net> TAB1KAC%JPNTOHOK at ICNUCEVM.CNUCE.CNR.IT (WAZAWA TETSUICHI) writes:
>I am studying biochemistry and protein chemistry at our universiry,
>and especially interested in heme-protein, like hemoglobin, myoglobin,
>cytochrome c, and so on. But textbooks of biochemistry such as

I don't have the full reference handy but the Dickerson and Giese book
on hemoglobin is exactly what you are looking for.

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