Enzyme Handbook, BRENDA

Tom Schneider toms at fcs260c2.ncifcrf.gov
Wed Jul 17 21:17:10 EST 1991

I just found a book chock full of neat facts about enzymes:

author = "D. Schomburg
 and M. Salzmann",
title = "Enzyme Handbook",
publisher = "Springer-Verlag",
address = "New York",
isbn = "ISBN 3-387-52579-3",
comment = "publisher phone (201) 348-4033",
year = "1990"}

They say 'This collection of datasheets was generated from the database
"BRENDA"'.  According to the authors it should be available in computer
readable form soon.  Does anyone know if this is available, and how to access
it?  Is it in an ftp site?  (I hope!)  Thanks!

  Tom Schneider
  National Cancer Institute
  Laboratory of Mathematical Biology
  Frederick, Maryland  21702-1201
  toms at ncifcrf.gov

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