Enzyme Handbook, BRENDA

Lynn A. Labun ll0b+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Thu Jul 25 17:46:37 EST 1991

The only information that I have seen is that the ENZYME HANDBOOK is to
be a 10 volume (loose-leaf binder) series.  The first three have been
published, the fourth is slated for August. They are:

Enzyme Handbook I (Class 4: Lyases)
 "         "    2 ( Class 5: Isomerases, Class 6: Ligases)
  "        "    3  (Class 3: Hydrolases)
  "        "    4 (Class 3: Hydrolases, cont'd)

The letter I have , dated May 1991, doesn't mention BRENDA or even that
the information will ever be available online.  Merry Weed, Library
Sales Manager wrote the letter, perhaps you can get more info from her.
1-800-SPRINGER or 
212 460-1500. 

I'd be interested to know myself.

Lynn Labun
Mellon Institute Library
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

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