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>>future.  Until then the following is a description of the PDB as available from
>I think this is great news, BUT 
>I think we need an ftp site on the North American side
>of what I presume is a very expensive and somewhat slow(?) data link.

I complained about and to Brookhaven a year or more ago about the need
for U.S. public access to PDB data.  They are a US government funded
group.  They continue to treat this data as limited access.  It probably
has something to do with patents or copyrights held by the investigators
who determine the protein structures (shades of things to come with
nucleotide data?).

Brookhaven has an FTP site at Brookhaven (anonymous ftp to 
irisc2.chm.bnl.gov, or IP #, but only make indices and 
tape order info available here.  Your letters and comments to them may 
be the onlyway to get them to open it up:

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