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Mike Sloderbeck writes:

>In article <9112012225.AA15988 at genbank.bio.net> DANJ at JHUHYG (Dan Jacobson
) writes:
>>A request was made for an ftp site for the Brookhaven database (PDB). I don't
>>know of a anonymous ftp site as yet but the PDB is on the EMBL net
>>server.  As EMBL is scheduled to switch over to internet and (I believe) becom
>>an ftp site soon, it will probably be ftp'able from there in the not to distan
>>future.  Until then the following is a description of the PDB as available fro
>>Happy Hunting,
>>Dan Jacobson
>>danj at jhuhyg.sph.jhu.edu  (internet)
>>danj at jhuhyg              (bitnet)

>... stuff deleted about embl fileserver...

>I think this is great news, BUT
>I think we need an ftp site on the North American side
>of what I presume is a very expensive and somewhat slow(?) data link.
>Mike Sloderbeck,  FSU Department of Biological Science
>sloderb at mailer.cc.fsu.edu

I agree that there should be a site in the Americas  (as Don Gilbert has
mentioned that Brookhaven is sponsored by the US government it seems odd
that the only net access is at EMBL).  HOWEVER my experience has been that the
EMBL netserver is pretty timely.  For example last evening (7:00) I was
downloading, it so happens, some PDB files from EMBL - the responses came
back within half an hour of my request.  That's certainly as good a response
time as I get to "retrieve sequence" requests to the mail server at Genbank.
Note that everything usually happens faster over the networks in the
evening/night/weekend, I assume due to lower computer loads and lower network
traffic at those times.  As to expensive, I'm not sure what Mike means - the
link to Europe is always there, whether it's being used for EMBL or not and of
course to the end user it is ostensibly (sp?) free as it is good old e-mail.

Dan "I'll do anything for data" Jacobson

danj at jhuhyg.sph.jhu.edu (internet)
danj at jhuhyg             (bitnet)

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