AA composition histogram

Frank Wright frank at sass.sari.ac.uk
Fri Dec 20 11:29:09 EST 1991

I wonder if there is any already available programs that can
look through all the protein sequences in the protein database
(e.g. PIR/NBRF, or SWISSPROT) and calculate (say) % Cys and then
output a frequency table e.g.

No of proteins with between    0.0% and   0.1% Cys
No of proteins with between    0.1% and   0.2% Cys
No of proteins with between   99.9% and 100.0% Cys

I'm interested in biased amino acid composition.

Dr. Frank Wright
Molecular Biology Consultant
Scottish Agricultural Statistics Service
University of Edinburgh, Scotland

frank @ sass.sari.ac.uk

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