Protein Structure Display

Rudolf Baumann ruba at molbio.ethz.ch
Fri Dec 6 03:38:25 EST 1991

Chris_Upton at darwin.biochem.ualberta.ca writes:

>   I looking for a program that will display protein structures on a Sparc2.
>I don't need to do anything fancy just look at the structures and twirl them
>I tried the demo version of Mac-Mimic, worked great but was very slow
>(unusable) for a 300 aa protein when using a Mac IIcx. I guess it was meant for
>the new fast-macs!

I have a demo version of a program here, which seem to be quite usable.
It is from a company which is called PHI-SQUARED (Philip S. Cohen,
Philip J. Mercurio) 
Send mail to phil at scripps.edu for information.

I am not connected in any way to this company, I only looked into the
demo program and was quite impressed with what I saw.
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