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Prion Digest                Sat,  6 Apr 91       Volume 1 : Issue   4 

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                          Prion Digest V1 #3

Date: Wed, 03 Apr 91 00:05:48 -0600
From: prion-request at stolaf.edu (Chris Swanson, Moderator)
Subject: Header info to Footer
To: prion at stolaf.edu

I will make the change ASAP.  This issue may have the change.  If not,
it will be changed for the next issue.

	-Chris (Moderator)


Date: Sat, 30 Mar 91 10:27:59 pst
From: apple!well!hank at ames.arc.nasa.gov (Hank Roberts)
Subject: Prion Digest V1 #3
To: prion at stolaf.edu

Just a comment ---
   if you could make the "header" into "footer" text so the real
news is at the beginning, that'd be a little favor that would add up
over time. So it's easy to skip the repeated info.


Date: Sat, 30 Mar 91 13:08:03 PST
From: hkhenson at cup.portal.com
Subject: Story
To: prion at stolaf.edu

Since there does not seem to be much traffic on this list I decided to
post a story from Riverside California about a pathologist and a prion
disease.  (My reason for following this story far from where I live is
that I am signed up for cryonic suspension by Alcor in Riverside.)

The previous coroner in Riverside, one Raymond Carrillo, did such a 
miserable job in office that a contract pathologist, F. Rene Modglin
who had worked for the coroner's office for many years was induced
to run for the office.  Modglin achieved a plurality in the June election,
setting the stage for a runoff election between him and Carrillo.
Unfortunately for Modglin, right after the election he developed what
seem to have been a case of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.  This relative
of kuru, scrapie, and BSE felled him before the runoff election
leaving time for his being replaced on the ballot by Scotty Hill,
(who came in third in the June election)  Hill, incidentally, won
the election.  I talked to a long time member of the Riverside
coroner's office about how Modglin might have been infected, and
he mentioned (in a kind of horrified voice) that they didn't even
use gloves back some 10-15 years ago (the most likely time for 
Modglin to have been infected.)  I wonder if pathologist and others
in contact with large amounts of human brain tissue are at some
substantial risk for contracting prion diseases?  In any case, don't
lick your fingers after cutting up brains.  :)  Keith Henson {
(and please excuse the spelling errors, I don't have a spell checker
on this machine.)


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