Thanks and followup on di-tri gly-ser reference

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Thu Apr 18 17:44:52 EST 1991

I'd like to thank all that responded to my request for a reference on
alternating gly-ser runs in proteins. It appears that the protein I
was remembering is the Drosophila _per_ gene product, and the motif has
something to do with peptidoglycan proteins.

The gly-ser protein in question if from "da worm" as it's know around
here, Caenorhabitis (sp?) elegans.

Especial thanks to:
BI599023 at brownvm.brown.edu
cleaves at njmsa.umdnj.edu
Keith.A.Johnson at mac.dartmouth.edu
BAIROCH%cmu.unige.ch at pucc.PRINCETON.EDU
JCJB at biology.cambridge.ac.uk

When the researcher who asked the question is ready to reveal more,
I will post to this group.

Again, my thanks for the prompt replies!


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