Gel Scanning Instrumentation

Jonathan A. King jaking at athena.mit.edu
Wed Sep 5 04:17:43 EST 1990

I am interested in purchasing a gel scanner. We need to scan
SDS gels, both the actual gel, and autorads. We need to have
quantitatively accurate information, and get it into a
spreadsheet for analysis.

We are currently using a borrowed LKB Laser Densitometer, with an
integrator. We then enter the data by hand into our spreadsheet
program. While this system is adequate, it is slow. We
essentially scan an entire 16 x 16 cm gel, This takes about 1
hour, plus an additional 15-20 min to enter the data. I know that
the data entry/analysis can be automated.

I have seen systems that use either a digital camera, (very
expensive), or a scanner attached to a Mac. I am interested in
getting input from people who scan gels, as to whether these
systems are any good. It is important that the system by
accurately quantitative. It would also be nice if it was fast,
flexible (perhaps stored the image for future manipulation), and
cheap. Estimates of cost and reliability would be helpful as


Peter Prevelige
jaking at athena.mit.edu
prevlge at mitvma.bitnet

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