Inhibitors of 0-linked glycosylation

David Steffen steffen at merlin.bcm.tmc.edu
Tue Oct 16 09:57:16 EST 1990

Some weeks ago, I asked for any information about inhibitors of o-linked
glycosylation.  I received 3 replies.  (Because the replies were by email,
I will not quote the authors names).  Interestingly, they provided rather
different answer!

Responder#1 said "Apart from a serine or theonine analogue that also blocks
translation, no o-lined glycosylation inhibitors exist"

Responder#2 said "MONENSIN...will interfere with o-linked glycosylases.  I
used this drug a number of years ago when characterizing the surface
glycoproteins of human Paramyxovirus III.  Monensin is an ionophore that
interferes with many cellular functions:
Bennet et al. Cell Tissue research 250:355
Cheng et al. 1987 Endocr. Res. 13:243
Johnson and Spear 1982 J. Virol. 43:1102
Kousoulas et al. 1983 Intervirology 20:56
Machamer and Cresswell 1984 PNAS 81:1287
Tartakoff 1983  Cell 32:1026
Sources: Sigma, Calbiochem"

Responder#3 said referred us to JBC v264 #32 pp19271-19277 (1989) for a
list of other inhibitors.

This looks like a case where some posting directly to this group might be
enlightening to us all!  I originally posted this request for a graduate
student, Jot Singh, who is now "on line" and will participate in any
resulting discussion himself.  If I can twist his arm,  he will follow up
in some weeks with his own results.

-David Steffen-

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