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My adviser recently questioned the value of my being invoved in such things as
the BIONET.  Somewhat stunned I stammered something about the value of being in
 contact with hundreds (thousands?) of other bio-scientists and the help theref
ore available.  Since then I've thought of a few better arguments but his initi
al reaction was to say the least - unimpressed.  This brings me to my question
to all my fellow netters out there - What do we say to those who are unitiated
in the world of electronic communication and lack the grand vision (ie BIO-MATR
IX type stuff) that many netters seem to have?  How do we impress upon those ho
stile elements of bio-society that computer nets have value and that the time s
pent learning how to use them is indeed time well spent?

I'm sure there are others out there who have had experiences similar to mine.
I'm pretty new to this whole business so I have much to learn about BIONET, BIT
NET etc...,  however if this becomes a confrontational issue with my adviser I
will have to withdraw somewhat from my  use of the networks.  What I suppose is
 most disturbing about this is that my adviser is quite young so that he has th
e capability to discourage many, many students from net use.  TO all   students
and faculty members who have had or know of similar incidents or are concerned
net-users - PLEASE comment - maybe with an  eclectic collection of arguments I
may be able to convince said adviser to support my use of the net.

I am sending this out to a number of bboards and realize that I may be stepping
 across traditional boundaries in doing so, however I will gladly accept the sh
ift of this discussion to the appropriate board (as may be advised by the *powe
rs* that be...David?).  I also realize that this may be an old fight for many o
f you however if graduate students are being quashed by  new faculty the future
of the net is not a bright one.

Hoping for advice.

Dan Jacobson
Johns Hopkins University

 Disclaimer: I have no financial interests in anything associated with the netw
orks, or more appropriately (being a student) I have no finances.

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