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Tue Nov 27 21:18:00 EST 1990

Dear T Cell Receptor Colleague:
At the last two conferences on the topic of gd T cells there was a
significant amount of discussion concerning the nomenclature of the g- and
d-chain genes. For both the human and the mouse there are competing
nomenclatures for the g-chain locus. For the d-chain locus there is another
problem. Recent data indicate that many of the a- and d-chain V-region
families are interchangeable, and in some instances exactly the same
V-regions are used as a- and d-chains. It would be nice to have a standard
way of naming the various V-regions under various circumstances.
At Schloss Elmau there was an session devoted to this topic. It was decided
that there would be an objective consideration of the nomenclature that
would include three different committees. One committee consists of Tak Mak
and myself. We will compile and align the V-region sequences from mouse and
human beings. We think it would be informative to have the sequences
available both in written form and on GenBank and EMBL. We will turn over
this information to a second committee to decide on a nomenclature. This
committee will consist of doctors Elvin Kabat, Alan Williams, Jack
Strominger, Willie Born, Cazenave, and Phillipa Marrack, with Phillippe
Kourilsky, Oliver Smithies and Hugh McDevitt as possible alternates; this
assumes that some or all of these people will accept the responsibility.
When this committee completes its nomenclature business we will publish a
compilation of the sequences along with its new nomenclature. 
The third committee consists of our colleagues in the field. I am asking
for your help in compiling all of the TCR sequences, especially the a- and
d-chain V-regions, and their respective appropriate references. In our
efforts to compile sequences we do not wish to minimize the efforts of
workers who actually isolated and sequenced V-regions, and we make every
attempt to give these individuals due credit. In addition, there are a
large number of sequences that are not published, and we would like to
incorporate as many of these as possible. 

If your sequences are in GenBank already, we will probably find them. If
you want to be sure, or if you know of extensions or corrections that
should be made to the GenBank data, drop us a note listing the accession
number, name, and reference. If you have V-region sequences that are not
yet in GenBank (published, in press or unpublished) that you would like to
be included in this nomenclature project, send them to us, including the
appropriate reference, or if unpublished, the cell type from which they
were isolated, persons to be cited, cDNA, PCR, genomic clone etc. The time
schedule for the completion of this project is such that any of your
preliminary data will be likely to be published before we actually generate
a publication. However, if requested, we would be glad to address on an
individual basis, questions of publication timing, authorship, etc. 

The best way to transfer the nucleotide sequences without introducing
errors of transcription is to send them via E-mail. However, a floppy disk
containing the sequences (text file of either IBM [preferred for human
sequences] or Macintosh [preferred for mouse sequences] format) is fine. As
a last resort, we will enter the sequence from a reprint or any other
written format. 

MOUSE sequences should be sent via Email to

			shedrick at ucsd.edu	(Internet)
		or	shedrick at ucsd		(Bitnet)

MOUSE sequences on floppy disk or paper should be mailed to

		Steve Hedrick, 
		Dept. of Biology 0063, 
		University of California at San Diego, 
		La Jolla, CA 92093-0063 

HUMAN sequences should be sent via Email to 

		clark at mshri.utoronto.ca		(Internet)
	or	clark at utoroci			(Netnorth/Bitnet)

HUMAN sequences on floppy disk or paper should be mailed to 

		Tak Mak,
		The Ontario Cancer Institute,
		500 Sherbourne St,
		Toronto, Ontario,
		Canada   M4X 1K9

Please do not send us appeals for one or another nomenclature; we have
nothing to do with that, we are simply compiling information. If you have
questions concerning the nomenclature, please refer them to Jack
Strominger, temporary chairman of the nomenclature committee.

Stephen M. Hedrick
Tak W. Mak
Stephen P. Clark

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