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Mon Nov 5 03:20:00 EST 1990

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<    Does anyone know: does E. coli acyl carrier protein have an enzyme
<        classification # or is it considered to be a passive acceptor only?
<        I can find things like ACP hydrolase and ACP-acetyl transferase
<        but nothing for ACP itself. According to Wakil (Ann. Rev. Biochem 198?)
<        in eukaryotes ACP is part of the fatty acid synthetase itself, but I
<        can't find anything about this for the coli protein.

ACP by itself has no EC number. All the other constitutent of the fatty
acid synthetase have individual EC number's in addition to a "global" one

In bacteria and plants ACP is a stand alone protein, while in fungi it is
a domain in subunit alpha of heterodimeric FAS (genes FAS2 and FAS1), in
vertebrates it is also a domain in the homodimeric FAS.

ACP-like proteins have also been found in Rhizobium (NodF) where they are
a component of a nodulation specific pathway and in Streptomyces where they
are components of polyketide antibiotic biosynthesis.


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