Electronic Submission to PIR

POSTMAST at gunbrf.bitnet POSTMAST at gunbrf.bitnet
Mon Nov 26 16:29:00 EST 1990

The Protein Identification Resource of the National Biomedical Research
Foundation does accept electronic submission of sequence data.  An automatic
network server has been installed and tested.  This network server handles
database queries, sequence searches and sequence submissions, in addition to
the usual file server requests.  A general announcement of this service will
be posted very shortly.

To get instructions on how to submit individual protein sequences to the PIR
send the following command
as the text of an E-mail message (NOT ON THE SUBJECT LINE) to
The server can handle submissions prepared either by the AUTHORIN program, or
by editing the electronic form, a copy of which can be obtained by sending
FILESERVE at GUNBRF the command

You should be aware of the difference in the policies of GenBank and the PIR
regarding acceptance of sequences submitted prior to publication.  The PIR
accepts a sequence for submission prior to publication only when the author
allows its public release.
If after reading this material, you have any questions about electronic
submission to the PIR, please contact us.
                                 Dr. John S. Garavelli
                                 Database Coordinator
                                 Protein Identification Resource
                                 National Biomedical Research Foundation
                                 Washington, DC  20007
                                 POSTMASTER at GUNBRF.BITNET

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