Codon tables for back translation

Don Gilbert GilbertD at IUBio.Bio.Indiana.Edu
Mon Feb 26 15:30:34 EST 1990

My thanks to all of you who responded to my recent request for codon 
tables.  Thanks especially to J. Michael Cherry, Micheal Ashburner, and 
Glenn Hammonds for providing electronic copies that my computer can read.  
Those of you who want these may find them in the anonymous ftp archive at 
Iubio.bio.indiana.edu, in the directory [archive.molbio.data] as
The -GCG files are suitable for use in the GCG programs, as well as 
readable by humans.  There are also some command scripts in 
[archive.molbio.gcg] for using these tables with GCG software.  P.S., if 
you are translating from protein to nucleic acid, your choice of codon 
table makes a big difference.       -- Don

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gilbertd at iubio.bio.indiana.edu   / molecular & general biology
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