protein folding prediction

Arshad Mahmood arshad at cs.ed.ac.uk
Sun Aug 19 15:40:14 EST 1990

Depends on what you mean by recent, there was quite a good article in
the Computer Science Yearly Review (1989, I think!). 
Which covered the basics of both
molecular dynamics and energy minimization, with quite a large bibliography.
It didn't mention the more recent work of Terry Sejnowski using Neural
Nets, so I persume that the paper itself was somewhat older.

I also also found a small paper in New Generation Computing (approx. title)
on Biological Macromolecules (send me mail and I'll send you the
proper reference, it's in our library which unfortunately at this time of the
night is closed.)

As far as I know there have been no major break throughs using this method,
regarding the problem itself I believe there was a paper in Nature a few
weeks ago of interest (I haven't seen it myself yet).

Sorry for not being able to be more helpful, but I thought it might jog
someone else's memory. 

Good luck !

A. Mahmood
Edinburgh University

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