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Question About Petunias

pilk00 pilk00 at comcast.net
Wed Jun 23 20:16:27 EST 2004

Thanks, Doug, for all the info!  I'm going to do the pinching & try to
recondition the "soil".


"Doug Kanter" <ancientangler at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:VxkCc.5$3c2.2 at news02.roc.ny...
> "Cereus-validus" <fashizzle.youself at spam.net> wrote in message
> news:0PcCc.7214$Pt.3569 at newssvr19.news.prodigy.com...
> > Yeah right.
> >
> > Go ahead and blow on the plants and see what that does.
> He said "flowers are shriveled". One reason for that is simply that the
> flowers are spent, but the rest of the plant could be fine. He did NOT say
> the leaves were shriveled up, brown and dead.
> 1) Pinch off the dead flowers along with the buds beneath them.
> 2) Water the bejeezus out of the plant. If the pot has a bottom tray
> attached, leave the residual water in the tray until it is absorbed. Don't
> spill it out, especially if the soil was extremely dry before watering.
> Most nurseries use a soilless mix for potted plants. Often, it's nothing
> peat moss, vermiculite and/or perlite, and some lime to get the pH right.
> The main purpose of this mix to that it's disease-free. The disadvantage
> that when the mix (especially the peat moss) dries out completely, it's
> tough to get it to absorb water again. It's sort of like a totally dry
> sponge. Like the sponge, the soil actually shrinks. You'll notice that
> actually pulled in from the sides of the pot. You have to re-wet the soil
> just to make it ready to behave like soil should. It never will behave
> exactly like natural soil, but it's not worth going into the reasons why.
> Also: Hanging pots force plants to survive in weird conditions. Put a
> sun-loving plant like a petunia or marigold in a sunny garden bed and
> thrive. Put the same plant in a pot and it's another story. The
> of the pot & soil are at LEAST as hot as the surrounding air, and usually
> higher if the pot's in the sun all day. These plants are not designed for
> their roots to be that hot. You have to make up for it with extra water.
> you can't provide it, you must either move the pots to a shadier place and
> accept somewhat less "performance", or find a way to keep the plants in
> sun, but shade the pots. Finally, you can switch to enormous pots. That's
> one of the better solutions, since the typical store-bought hanging pot
> dry out in a few hours while you're at work.

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