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Bill not_a_real_email at fakedseizure.com
Sun Jun 6 23:31:39 EST 2004

paghat wrote:

> I've not as yet dealt with any nursery that was less than eager to make
> every order 100% right. 

This is a telling point ... do you really think Palm & Garden is any
exception to your experience? I've dealt with a lot of customers and I
promise you that there are plenty of jerks out there. Companies want your
money and if you paid with a credit card, have to keep on your good side
until well after settlement is made. 

> If Palm & Garden actually adheres to that stated 
> policy, in that case they are, no question about it, crooks.
> -paghat the ratgirl

Ummm nope ... if they actually adhere to their stated policy that makes them
honest. When you buy from a company you agree to its printed conditions. If
you don't like them, buy elsewhere. That policy is part of the purchase
contract (offer, acceptance, exchange) and a customer has no reasonable
expectation of anything else.

Sometimes companys BREAK their policies and give more value than agreed upon
in order to secure future sales ... but when they do so they have broken
their written word.

I also don't think we know enough about the OP to be certain he/she is
telling the truth here. DID the tree arrive damaged or did it get that way
afterwards? We really don't know. Did they have the hassle they related? We
don't know anything except what the OP told us and that means we don't
'know' anything at all ... except that they lost their temper and were very
rude with some peon on a help desk. 

I'm not going to back the openly rude person up. So far as I am concerned,
he can just flap in the breeze. It seems clear to me that they can not
handle their own temper and this makes me wonder if the tree was actually
broken at all or if they are just trying to scam Palm & Gardens.

Let me make two points and then I'll shut up.

1) We don't have access to the facts, only one person's story. It would be
interesting if someone from Palm & Garden could follow up with their side
of events.

2) Even if we did have access to the facts, we can't force either party to
behave better. Most especially we can't give the helpdesk peon any solace
for having to deal with ill-mannered and ill-tempered morons.


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