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Hermine Stover - what's that about?

Tom Jaszewski tomj7 at cox.net
Sun Oct 26 00:02:24 EST 2003

"hermine stover" <hermine at endangeredspecies.com> wrote in message
news:adjcpvkevce3b6vkb1mqpo4ao5le7n3n0q at 4ax.com...
> >
> >  The roid as you put it is usually offensive, but if you ever visited
> >and had seen the filth and squaller Hermine and Roger live in you'd,
> >with any common sense, stay away from these nut bags.
> It is spelled SQUALOR.

Regardless of spelling it smells of human filth, toilets covered with
rotting human shit 10 feet from your terminal. Kichen garbage rotting and
molding while you pick through to find some value. It was a rotting mellon
you were eating. FIlthy dogs liying in their ouw excrement and eating out of
molded bowls with water bowls as green as any nasty puddle I'd ever seen

> Nu, So live in the middle of an active landscape nursery. My husband
> and I have thus far purchased 5 fixer-uppers and renovated them. (it
> is an ongoing architect's hobby).
> A nutless bag can be a sad thing in a man, but it is a problem with
> which I shall not have to deal.

You live in stinking old trailors most humans haven't the stomach to step
into. I especially remeber the one filed with under fed dogs and wall to
wall feces

> At least I do not have to be driven naked on a flatbed truck through a
> car wash in order to take a bath! I actually fit into a normal tub
> with room for my husband.

Bathing in shit is not a standard most here abid by.
> I would LOVE to stay and chat about this, but I would really much
> rather talk about bamboo. I have a list for that purpose, and if you
> send me a blank post at BambooGrove-subscribe at topica.com and follow
> that up with a brief introduction, you can access the thinking of lots
> of skilled bamboo fanciers.
> hermine

Join a group therapy session and learn to live like human beings..then grow
bamboo...if that's what you call that ratty mess...
You called me today and yes I bought from you and was in you "fixer-uppers"
better described as fetid trailers. Now go bathe...

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