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Hermine Stover - what's that about?

David May dmay72 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 22 23:42:06 EST 2003

On Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:54:16 GMT, "Cereoid-UR12-" <cereoid-youself at spam.net> wrote:

>You are really in serious professional help, David.

Yes, I need help to translate the gibberish that you just wrote.

>This thread was never about you and your psychopathic Narcissistic need to
>be the center of attention at any cost.

No, it was about your attempt to discredit and smear a person who I do
not know, plus your attempt to have others agree with you.

>If you knew anything at all about the subject that is one thing but your
>complete ignorance on anything remotely relevant to gardening or those who
>garden shows how worthless and tiresome a showboating clown like you really

More gibberish. Translation please. Ever heard of sentence structure,
you know, commas, parts of speech etc., things like that.

What you meant was:

If you knew anything about the subject that would be one thing, but
your complete ignorance regarding anything relevant to gardening, or
to those who garden, shows how worthless and tiresome a show boating
clown like you really is.

Still very clumsy, but at least readable. You managing to grasp how it
is done? Try using a few punctuation marks, they don't cost much.

The subject was an attempt by you to discredit Hermine and I know all
I need to know about it. You have proven yourself an obnoxious fool
and Hermine, aside from her expertise with bamboo, which is what I am
interested in, is unknown to me. You reference to my gardening skills
and knowledge, which you know nothing about, shows that you do not
consider truth or knowledge important when you post, and illustrates
exactly how accurate any of your posts are likely to be.

> You are clearly the one that has absolutely nothing at all to offer
>anyone. You are wasting everyone's time by being so obnoxious. Then again,
>that's exactly what an emotionally immature jerk like you does to "get off"
>on. Isn't it?

No points for copy catting. 

What exactly is immature about treating people with respect and
refusing to take notice of strangers attempting to slander them? Not
that I really care, just curious as to how you can justify that as

>Go ahead and show the world how utterly useless you are even though the
>topic has absolutely nothing to do with you at all. You have not shown
>anybody who responded to this thread any respect.

Indeed I have, I have shown respect for all who deserve it. You

> So either you already
>suffer from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or you are a hypocrite and a
>lying troll.

You like those words don't you? Hypocrite and Lying troll. 

It is a shame that you don't seem to actually grasp their meaning. 

As you obviously don't understand them, I take it that you use them
either because you just like the sound of them, or they are some of
the few words that you can spell. I'll bet that you use them again!

I'll explain it to you 'roid, so that you will know in future. 

A troll is a person who makes an inflammatory statement in order to
create a flurry of indignant responses among the readers of the
newsgroup that it was posted in. 

You know, sort of like "Hermine Stover - what's that all about?" 

Oh, yes, of course you know about that. 

Next, a liar is a person who tells lies, so, no matter how hard you
try to twist things, you cannot manage to find justification for a
description of "lying troll" in any of my posts. I have not made any
untrue claims or statements, I just responded to a troll, a lying
troll in fact as he is telling lies about me. 

Now that we have that settled, we can move onto hypocrisy. 

Hypocrisy is either an expression of agreement that is not supported
by real conviction, or insincerity by virtue of pretending to have
qualities or beliefs that you do not really have. Now show me where I
have exhibited either of those qualities? 

No, you can't - fine. Then of course, as you made a claim that you
knew to be untrue, and as you are pretending to believe in that claim,
we have a perfect example of a lying, hypocritical troll. You! 

See, you are good for something after all; as a bad example. 

Next time someone calls you a "good for nothing..." you can prove them
wrong. You'd like that. wouldn't you? It would be a first time, and a
first time is always nice.


Note: My email address is a spam trap.

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