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Hermine Stover - what's that about?

Chris nospamchris at thearmoury.net
Wed Oct 22 17:20:48 EST 2003

"Cereoid-UR12-" <cereoid-youself at spam.net> wrote in message news:<cvzlb.14054$PP4.7588 at newssvr32.news.prodigy.com>...
> You are really in serious professional help, David.

David MAY need help, but you DO need help in a very bad way.   

> This thread was never about you and your psychopathic Narcissistic need to
> be the center of attention at any cost.

No, this is about YOU and YOUR narcissist need to be the center of
attention and your need to smear others publically.
> If you knew anything at all about the subject that is one thing but your
> complete ignorance on anything remotely relevant to gardening or those who
> garden shows how worthless and tiresome a showboating clown like you really
> is. You are clearly the one that has absolutely nothing at all to offer
> anyone. You are wasting everyone's time by being so obnoxious. Then again,
> that's exactly what an emotionally immature jerk like you does to "get off"
> on. Isn't it?

You mean an immature jerk that trolls newsgroups and posts assanine
attempts at character assasination? oh wait, that is you isn't it?
> Go ahead and show the world how utterly useless you are even though the
> topic has absolutely nothing to do with you at all. You have not shown
> anybody who responded to this thread any respect. 

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? This entire thread was started
based on disrespect... YOU disrespecting HERMINE.  Pull your head out
of your ass and move on nitwit!

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