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Hermine Stover - what's that about?

Cereoid-UR12- cereoid-youself at spam.net
Tue Oct 21 13:46:27 EST 2003

Guess again, David.

Its bad enough that you are a nitwit troll that is always on the attack in
rec.gardens but you practicing your lame antics here should surprise no-one.
You cross-posting only goes to show what a clueless immature troublemaker
you really are. If you want the whole world to know all about Hermine
Stover, the decision was yours to do so!!!

If you know nothing about the people involved or the subject, you should
just shut up and learn something.

Now would somebody who knows the truth kindly enlighten us about Hermine
Stover and the many bizarre antics for which she is notorious?

David May <dmay72 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:4799a43a.031021023653.3826ea49 at posting.astraweb.com...
> On Mon, 20 Oct 2003 22:50:13 GMT, "Cereoid-UR12-"
<cereoid-youself at spam.net> wrote:
> >You've aleady had several opportunities in the past to meet me in person,
> >"Roger Dodger using Hermine's computer today", and since that never
> >happened, it is unlikely that it will happen in the future.
> >
> >A man to man meeting would be most interesting. Who are you going to
> >that is a man to represent you?
> >
> >Since you have never met me nor know anything about me, your uninformed
> >assumptions about me are quite humorous, "Roger Dodger using Hermine's
> >computer today".
> >
> >Freak is an out-of-date term? If so, you must be an anachronism stuck in
> >60's!!!
> >
> >I am looking forward to hearing more about Hermine from somebody else
> >has dealt with her other than "Roger Dodger using Hermine's computer
> >or any of her other personalities!!!
> >
> >Should we expect to hear from Hermine using Roger's computer tomorrow?
> >
> Hmmmmmm.
> I am new to the gardening newsgroups, but not new to newsgroups per
> se. One thing that I have found, in every set of groups with a similar
> focus, in this case gardening and botany, there are always one or two
> assholes. I think that I have just identified one of them, after
> reading this response and Googling back on Ceroid's posting history
> pretty well confirmed it.
> Ceroid, or perhaps Hemorrhoid would be more apt, you are an idiot who
> jumps to conclusions with very little forethought. If Roger was indeed
> Hermine as you not very subtly imply, and as Hermine's using Forte
> Agent, it would have been a moment's work to change the sender and
> newsreader details, or to really obfuscate matters, post through
> Google.
> Having seen how little thought you apply to things around you, I would
> be very wary of accepting anything you had to say as valid.
> To others on these groups, Hi, my name's David May, I have just
> purchased my first property and am developing a strong interest in
> gardening, horticulture and permaculture. I discovered the 'roid's
> offensive post about Hermine whilst looking for information on bamboo,
> I am considering it for a privacy screen on a half-acre, lakeside
> property. I am worried about its propensity to get out of hand, and
> although quite prepared to mow new shoots etc., really don't want
> taking care of bamboo to occupy a large amount of my time in the
> garden.
> To the, 'roid, the offensive little pissant, drop off!
> David May

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