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Non-toxic air cleaning houseplants?

Joel jrlyons at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 6 09:16:11 EST 2002

Jacqueline wrote:

> Hi, we just moved into a new condo, and something is wrong with the
> air in here.  My husband and I are both getting congested, with
> itchy/burning eyes and nose.  We've had the windows open a lot, but as
> they are building a new grocery store across the street from our
> window, its very noisy to have them open during the day, so that
> limits how many hours we can have them open.  We have had them open at
> least a few hours every day and after a week whatever it is that is
> bothering us still hasn't been flushed out.
> It could be the stain treatment on the new furniture and mattress (I
> can smell chemicals on the new furniture), it could be the new paint,
> it could be something done to the carpets, it could be the residues of
> the cleaning products used by the previous owners, I don't know.  But
> its bothering us a lot, I wake up every morning feeling sick. :(
> We'd like to get some house plants that meet the following criteria:
> 1) Non-toxic to our cats (who will, given their previous behavior,
> most certainly chew on them)
> 2) Good air cleaners, we'd like to get a variety of plants that clean
> a variety of things out, as we don't know what exactly the problem is
> 3) Hard to kill (we are not good at keeping delicate house plants
> alive)
> Can anyone advise us as to which types of house plants we should look
> into?  I know about spider plants, what else?

   Basically, the cats are biologically frustrated by their diet when they

  go after houseplants. Felines evolved needing "live" food.  Ask your
  veterinarian about this.  If you do not get any helpful answers it is
  time to turn autodidact and  study the natural history yourself from
  credible sources (not from the preponderance of internet

  audere scire!

> Also, any advice on how to keep the cats from molesting them?  We're
> thinking we're either going to have to hang them from the ceiling or
> build plant boxes too high for them to reach.  When we had plants
> before the cats would knock them over and knock dirt everywhere EVERY
> SINGLE DAY!  That's one of the main reasons we got rid of our old
> plants.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Jacqueline

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