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Can anyone tell me where to find specific nutrient uptake data for.......

Mathew Snyder msnyder2 at earthlink.net
Mon May 20 10:30:16 EST 2002

I too am disappointed, by those who must hide for lack of guts to use their
real names within a 'Scientific' (thus, often ignored) newsgroup. As I
previously stated, I am Research & Development Engineer, not a Botanist, not
a Computer Engineer or even a Train Engineer. In your case, I can't figure
out what your profession could possibly be save that of "watcher of plants
growing". I do know that if I had seen a question on some of the issues I
have a decent knowledge base, and can be of help with Physics (including
Dynamics), Quality Assurance (Not messing up during manufacturing), Human
Anatomy or just plain 'How can I make gizmo X?' I would, and often do,
happily spend my time helping others regardless of whether or not someone
will profit from my knowledge. With answering a question a person like you
might perceive as 'stupid', I actually have given strangers what they needed
to become the success they always wanted to be. Without greed and jealousy I
am just an Engineer. I perform the R&D function. Merely due to my choice of
profession, damn near everything in my immediate surroundings is somebody's
idea of a wanna be 'secret' that eventually, someone else, somewhere else
actually IS going to hugely profit from. Their profit is not my problem,
making the aforementioned gizmo actually function and then proving it....IS.
Personally, I refuse to (even in my current state) mentally masturbate
myself with wet dreams of  some ethereal 'massive profit' for myself. This
is because I know that the REAL WORLD does not work this way. Your attitude
toward life in general would be greatly expanded by dumping the 'the lotto
will save me' mentality and taking some time away from your two-way idiot
box to get some genuine, wisdom invoking life experience. Think beyond just
yourself, karma can get pretty good for those who are capable.

"Cereoid+1" <cereoid at prodigy.net> wrote in message
news:DRUE8.2243$oM5.120299562 at newssvr16.news.prodigy.com...
> Sorry Mathew, you whining does not help your mysterious cause at all. You
> better force yourself to eat something before you make yourself ill. Have
> friend treat you to lunch.
> If you had asked for someone to help you find the research you seek and
> offered them a percentage of any future profits received from the project
> that would certainly have been a more honest and ethical approach.
> requires time and monetary expense and a person would surely be entitled
> compensation for their efforts. Your intentions are not as altruistic as
> claim and that was quite obvious in your original posting.
> You obviously know nothing about me. I freely share info over the Internet
> all the time. What you want is something altogether different.
> Nobody said anything about a four year college. I have access to several
> libraries in my area and not all are on college campuses. Some are purely
> research facilities. If you had been up front with your request, you might
> have been able to get photocopies of the articles you seek. Cyberspace is
> extremely limited in what it provides and much of the info it contains is
> incorrect or misrepresented.
> I had already mentioned two databases that may be of help. You have not
> paying attention.
> Mathew Snyder <msnyder2 at earthlink.net> wrote in message
> news:aaAE8.658$HE2.63416 at newsread1.prod.itd.earthlink.net...
> > Alright Cereoid+1, This is a start-up company intending to set up this
> > bioremediation process (yes get paid something for it) and then leave
> > system in the hands of the local water quality district. For me, this is
> > one time contract gig. I will not get rich, I will not get my name in
> > paper and frankly, I don't care. The name of this 'company' is five
> > engineers and an ecologist trying to help people. I have been working
> > for over two months. I now only eat once per day, for lack of funds. On
> the
> > subject of finding the information I need..... I know that it is called
> > "research". Cyberspace so far, has proven to be an excellent place to do
> all
> > of the research I have needed to do so far, but, I am not in a place
> > the large volumes of botanical information of the nature I describe is
> > available. There is not a college of the four year kind within 75 miles.
> > Even if I had the money to drive back and forth repeatedly, I still have
> no
> > idea of where (besides the campus library) to find what I am looking
> I
> > was under the impression that those within the scientific fields were
> > kind of people who WANTED to help make the world a better place.....you
> > personally obviously are not. All you seem to care about is your own
> In
> > my experience (many years of it in  the medical device R&D area) having
> > large company behind me would allow me access to people who do this type
> of
> > research for the company as their job. If I had that type of resource
> > posting would not have happened and your piss poor attitude toward
> > others would not have been exposed to the world. All I am asking for is
> > where to find the information I need. I am not asking for the research
> be
> > done for me, that I can obviously do myself as I have more experience
> > researching data bases and texts than you will probably ever have. You
> will
> > have to excuse me if I feel it appropriate to "give something back" to
> > world that educated me. Maybe you should have paid more attention in the
> > Ethics class you got a "D" in. Thank you for absolutely nothing but your
> > cynicism.
> >
> >
> >
> > "Cereoid+1" <cereoid at prodigy.net> wrote in message
> > news:rzoE8.5630$mT6.157859962 at newssvr17.news.prodigy.com...
> > > It is rather odd that you are having trouble finding information that
> > would
> > > be second nature to a botanical researcher. You will not find what you
> > seek
> > > in cyberspace. That's why its called research.
> > >
> > > You are still not coming clean about what this is and who its for.
> > >
> > > And for which big name private company are you employed to do this
> > research?
> > > Monsanto perhaps?
> > >
> > > I'm sure you're well compensated for you work. How much are
> > > usually paid to provide the info you are requesting gratis?
> > >
> > > I'm sure you are not giving away what you come up for free so why
> > you
> > > expect us to give away what we can find?
> > >
> > >
> > > Mathew Snyder <msnyder2 at earthlink.net> wrote in message
> > > news:0OkE8.1730$l82.173036 at newsread1.prod.itd.earthlink.net...
> > > > I am a Research & Development Engineer, not a Botanist, or botany
> > student.
> > > > Hence my using this avenue of communication with those who are.
> > Afterall,
> > > > you know your business far better than I could ever hope to. Where
> > find
> > > > the specific information our team requires eludes us in the vast
> expanse
> > > of
> > > > cyberspace. We know that we are simply using the wrong key words in
> our
> > > > searches. I have been working with other Engineers to design a
> > 'ecosystem
> > > > friendly' system for bioremediation of eutrophic water bodies. I
> > been
> > > > able to determine what information I do need to be able to answer
> > most
> > > > important question in the whole deal. "By plant species, at what
> > will
> > > > which specific nutrients be removed from eutrophic water, by the
> > > > species listed?" The immediate implementation of the system I (and
> many
> > > > others) are working on, is waiting for only an answer to this
> question.
> > > > Without this data the time line must remain open, and that is
> > > unacceptable.
> > > > This system is intended to be used where humans (tens of thousands
> > > them)
> > > > are already living in filthy conditions due to the condition of the
> lake
> > > > they live around. I was only being half facetious at their
> gratefulness.
> > > > Frankly, many people as well as government agencies are waiting for
> > these
> > > > calculations so a simple, one sentence answer to the question I
> > > would
> > > > be humbly appreciated.
> > > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> >
> >

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