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What was this plant??

Monique Reed monique at mail.bio.tamu.edu
Tue Mar 26 15:34:33 EST 2002

It looks as if it might have been a Crinum, or something closely
related.  Were the flowers very fragrant?

M. Reed

"D.Paul Perkins" wrote:
> Greetings,
>     An old girlfriend gave me this plant. It was grown by her mother and
> apparently was a child of a plant that had been handed down for 3
> generations! When I got it, it had two leaves only and I wasn't very
> impressed with it. That changed.
>     Apparently, I treated it right as it thrived and added leaves and
> eventually bloomed. What was so excellent was that I was able to watch it
> bloom!
>     It was obviously ready to bloom and I had it sitting on the table with
> strong afternoon sunlight directly on it. I was sitting at a table reading
> with my back to the room and it was very quiet. The plant was about 4 feet
> behind my back. It was so quiet that I was able to hear the gentlest of
> cracks, almost like someone's lips parting. I turned to see what had made
> the noise and it was the bloom opening! I couldn't believe it! I pulled my
> chair over to the coffee table and watched fascinated for the next half hour
> as first one flower then the other opened up and stretched their various
> parts to the sun (sorry, I'm unknowledgeable about the technical terms. Like
> art, I just know what I like...beauty). It reminded me of a cat waking from
> a nap and stretching (except the part where it lies right back down!)
>     It was, to say the least, a very special experience. For those who are
> immersed in horticulture, I imagine it's quite common but I've never had
> more than 10 or 12 plants at a time and very few flowers so I cherish the
> memory of that afternoon. It certainly made that particular plant very
> special to me. I had it for several years but it mysteriously died. I
> believe my roommates iguana might have had something to do with it, but I
> really don't know. I miss it.
>     I was told by the girl who gave it to me that it was an Easter Lily but
> I now know that that is wrong. I'd like to identify it so I can try to once
> again bring this beautiful flower to life. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated. The attached picture are not the greatest, but they should be
> good enough for identification purposes. They were taken the same afternoon
> that I just described. Thank You.
> D. Paul Perkins
>  [Image]

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