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Codiaeum rescue?

alia b jumuqe at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 24 17:02:07 EST 2002

Hi all,

I'm a new poster, and not a biologist, so please forgive any ignorance
of proper terms :).  I have a question about what I suspect was a
Codiaeum (Croton?) plant. It had long, broad, rounded, brightly
coloured (deep green, red, and yellow) leaves that spiraled around
themselves (like what you'd get if you were to twist a long strip of
paper)... the 'had' is the problem here.

I was taking care of it for a professor over the Christmas holidays,
but as the campus was closed for large parts of the holiday there were
times when I couldn't get in to water it, and by the end of the break
it was looking rather wilted.  At that point I think I panicked and
started overwatering it, and it soon got worse.  At this point, all
the leaves have fallen off, and it is just a stalk. Normally I would
consider this situation a lost cause, but it still seems to be a bit
green at the very top of the stalk. Is there any way I can perhaps
take a cutting or do something else to encourage it to revive? Or is
it truly an ex-plant? As it wasn't mine, I'm really anxious to either
find a way to revive it or purchase another one.

Unfortunately I have no pictures to show, and I only found out the
other day what it actually was when I came across one (rather
unhealthy-looking) at a local shop, otherwise I'd've asked sooner -
but I felt that 'Hi, I have this sick or dead plant here, what can I
do?' was perhaps a little vague. :).

Thanks for any help,

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