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Plants in Condo

Shiva hypatia at cotse.net
Tue Jun 11 21:37:30 EST 2002

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 22:28:15 GMT, Leona Henderson <leo at 1starnet.com>

>dephanbachia (spelling?)

Here, let me try! dieffanbachia?? Diefenbaccia? Well, I know what you
mean. Wiat, I'll try an online dictionary. Hold da line:

[A few seconds later...] From Dictionary.com:

dief·fen·bach·i·a   Pronunciation Key  (dfn-bäk-, -bk-)
Any of several plants of the genus Dieffenbachia native to tropical
America, having stout, jointed stems and large, variegated leaves and
widely cultivated as an indoor plant. Also called dumb cane, dumb

> dumb weed (?) Lordy, my mind is
>slipping gears.... but most of you will know what I'm tryig
>to refer to... are very food at taking up bad air.

Trouble is, it is somewhat dangerous for  housecats and dogs, or
anything that might eat it. If ingested it apparentlly paralyzes the
vocal chords for a while, hence "dumbcane." But it is pretty.

>Karen wrote:
>> "John" <johnstmail at nospammingyahoo.com> wrote in message news:<NcPM8.89971$%J4.2096396 at twister.tampabay.rr.com>...
>> > Hello... I have a question about plants.  I live in FL in a condo by the
>> > beach and it is pretty smelly around here.  I usually keep the doors/windows
>> > closed and the A/C on during the summer.  And so, it can smell and feel
>> > kinda stuffy in here.  I was wondering if I had a plant in my house, would
>> > that make it seem less stuffy?  Sorry... Its kinda hard to describe.  Is a
>> > plant like a air filter? lol... what is a nice indoor oxygen producing plant
>> > that is kinda small and easy to care for?  Sun is a plenty around here if
>> > need be.  Thanks for all your help and sorry if this is a stupid question.
>> > I don't know very much about plants and gardening.  My friends mom just said
>> > that it smelled kinda stuffy in here and it would be nice to have some real
>> > plants in this place.
>> >
>> > Thanks!
>> > John
>> Hello John,
>>   Yes,plants will clean the air in your home.I can't rember all of the
>> ones that are the most efficient oxygenators,but I do recall that
>> Spider Plants(Chlorophytum comosum)are one of the best for the
>> job.They are available at most tropical plant stores,inexpensive,and
>> easy to grow indoors.
>>  Good Luck!
>>  Karen
>Leona [Lee] leo at 1starnet.com
>Non Commercial site http://www.geocities.com/tvksi/index.htm

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