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Porn plant - yellow leaves - UPDATE

DTM2001 dtm2001 at rogers.com
Thu Feb 14 14:07:50 EST 2002

Oh, I have one more question, if I cut off the part of the cane which is
getting those yellow leaves, will I get new leaves come up from below the
cut?  I was under the impression that you can cut this corn plant and the
top part will get roots and the bottom part will get leaves.



"Cereoid*" <cereoid at prodigy.net> wrote in message
news:lUJa8.26265$dc1.4213275786 at newssvr16.news.prodigy.com...
> You have hard water with too much calcium salts in it.
> The water may be too alkaline for your plant.
> You should try to water your plant with rainwater or bottled water
> possible.
> Still, you won't be able to get any ears of corn growing your porn plants
> the bedroom. Too much loving your plant can be a dangerous obsession and
> never be the basis of a serious relationship. You may like having the
> drawn but your plant needs plenty of light to grow well.
> DTM2001 <dtm2001 at rogers.com> wrote in message
> news:zrHa8.1131$rL.475 at news1.bloor.is...
> > Hey everybody,
> >
> > Thanks for the amazing replies that I've had to my problem (see my
> > post about a corn plant developing yellow leaves which turn brown and
> > off).
> >
> > Anyway, it's starting to look like something will recover, but so far
> > impossible to say what the problem was.  The water in my area is
> definitely
> > not the greatest for plants, I think it might have too much chlorine
> > sure if it's the right substance, but I get white deposits if I leave
> water
> > in a glass)...
> >
> > Anyway the plant I have has three canes growing from a common root, and
> from
> > each of the canes there's three 'groups' of leaves growing.
> >
> > In each group the leaves grow both from inside and from outside....it
> seems
> > that on this particular cane (which is the smallest of all and gets the
> > least light I guess - the bedroom is already somewhat dark - facing
> > the leaves that grew from outside died right from the start, so it was
> like
> > each group was 'suffocating' because the leaves were brown already on
> > outside.  So the bigger leaves started to turn yellow and fall off...
> >
> > On this cane I've lost one bunch of leaves, I removed all of the bad
> in
> > the hope that small ones would start growing, but it just died slowly.
> When
> > I removed the core from the cane itself it looked a bit 'mushy' or even
> > 'rotten'...
> >
> > The other two groups of leaves have also had some of the leaves turn
> yellow
> > and brown, but I've cleared everything from the outside (the dried brown
> > ones) and now I have small green ones growing on the inside...I hope it
> > recovers.
> >
> >
> > Anyway sorry for the long story, I love this plant...:-)...
> >
> >
> > Thanks for all the help,
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > /Dan
> >
> >

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