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Porn plant - yellow leaves - UPDATE

Cereoid* cereoid at prodigy.net
Thu Feb 14 02:43:13 EST 2002

You should have mentioned your water problem in the beginning.

You have hard water with too much calcium salts in it.

The water may be too alkaline for your plant.

You should try to water your plant with rainwater or bottled water whenever

Still, you won't be able to get any ears of corn growing your porn plants in
the bedroom. Too much loving your plant can be a dangerous obsession and can
never be the basis of a serious relationship. You may like having the shades
drawn but your plant needs plenty of light to grow well.

DTM2001 <dtm2001 at rogers.com> wrote in message
news:zrHa8.1131$rL.475 at news1.bloor.is...
> Hey everybody,
> Thanks for the amazing replies that I've had to my problem (see my earlier
> post about a corn plant developing yellow leaves which turn brown and die
> off).
> Anyway, it's starting to look like something will recover, but so far I's
> impossible to say what the problem was.  The water in my area is
> not the greatest for plants, I think it might have too much chlorine (not
> sure if it's the right substance, but I get white deposits if I leave
> in a glass)...
> Anyway the plant I have has three canes growing from a common root, and
> each of the canes there's three 'groups' of leaves growing.
> In each group the leaves grow both from inside and from outside....it
> that on this particular cane (which is the smallest of all and gets the
> least light I guess - the bedroom is already somewhat dark - facing North)
> the leaves that grew from outside died right from the start, so it was
> each group was 'suffocating' because the leaves were brown already on the
> outside.  So the bigger leaves started to turn yellow and fall off...
> On this cane I've lost one bunch of leaves, I removed all of the bad ones
> the hope that small ones would start growing, but it just died slowly.
> I removed the core from the cane itself it looked a bit 'mushy' or even
> 'rotten'...
> The other two groups of leaves have also had some of the leaves turn
> and brown, but I've cleared everything from the outside (the dried brown
> ones) and now I have small green ones growing on the inside...I hope it
> recovers.
> Anyway sorry for the long story, I love this plant...:-)...
> Thanks for all the help,
> /Dan

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