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Cactus care???

Cereoid* cereoid at prodigy.net
Sat Feb 9 01:34:09 EST 2002

Off to a great start with "which cacti you got"!!
Should be "which cactus you have".

What in the freak are "neadles"? Many cactus species are covered with

What do you mean by hardy? If you actually mean drought tolerant, then you
should say so. Cold hardiness is a completely different matter altogether.

The most important thing is giving the plants enough bright light. If
growing them indoors, a south or west facing window is best. 3-5 hours of
light is not enough. Light indoors is only a small fraction of the intensity
of direct sunlight outdoors.

Watering and soil drainage comes second.

Most succulents do not have vast root systems.

Most commercial "Cactus soil" is worthless. If it is dark in color, do not
use it. Most cactus & succulents grow best in an extremely gravelly light
colored soil.

Would suggest you search the cactus mall for websites with info on growing
succulent plants. There are hundreds of them out there.



Maybe next time you should consider doing a spell check before posting,
Ronald? It would also help if you got your facts straight too.

Roland D. Lambe <rdlambe at unity.ncsu.edu> wrote in message
news:3C637561.9CD86C44 at unity.ncsu.edu...
> It all depends on which cacti you got, but in general cacti are very hardy
> easy to take care of.  The most important thing is to not over water them.
> Water them only once the top of the soil is dry to the touch.  Another
> thing to realize is that Cacti have vast root systems and most cacti need
to be
> replant shortly after perchaseing.  If you know you are not over watering
> the Catus seems to be getting worse then try replanting it in a larger pot
> larger, catus roots grow much faster than you would think!) and be sure to
use a
> cactus soil, the potting soil will specificaly  say for cacti.  Lastly,
> them sun if you can, it is not neccesary though to have full sun.  If it
is not
> a cactus with neadles, don't leave it in a place that has full sun for
more than
> 3-5 hours a day!
> Ben Binger wrote:
> > I have recently took an interest in cacti. Not wanting to spend a lot of
> > money with it, I went to my local Target and bought about $15 worth of
> > succulents and cactus. I have a problem. The plants were not taken care
> > and I have a black thumb, not a green one. Two of my five small cactus
> > already died. What do I do? What are some basis rules for caring for
> > watering, temp. lighting, plant food, soil, etc.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Ben

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