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Potted Shade Plants

Steve Ripple Loki-dogwoof at attbi.com
Sat Feb 2 14:31:54 EST 2002

I assume you're in Florida?  If your plants are outside, they receive 
quite a bit of light even in the shade.  They actually receive much 
more light than an indoor plant would through a window.  So almost any 
plant that can be grown indoors, even in bright light, can be grown on 
your patio.  In fact most of these plants would die outdoors if exposed 
to bright direct sunlight (they might survive if acclimated by longer 
exposures every day over about a week). 

Anyway your possibilities are really endless - too great to list here.  
I think most indoor-suitable palms would work, as would ferns.  
Diffembachia would be nice, as would most of the larger Philodendrons 
and Alocasias.  And the Monsteras are really nice and adaptable. 
Begonias, Impatians, and Coleus are nice as color accents.  Many 
Bromiliads will do well in outdoor shade too, and should be OK in 
Florida's high humidity. Some succulents are fine with outdoor shade 
too.  Jade plants, Aloes, Orchid cacti  = Epiphyllums,  Mistletoe cacti 
= Rhipsalis', and Snake plants = Sanseverias are really fine choices. 

blossombutt at mpinet.net wrote:
> I wish to put potted plants on my balcony.  However,  very little
> sunlight reaches that side of the house.  I know there are plants that
> like Florida shade.   Can anyone give me some types ??
> Thank you
> Blossombutt....

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