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Carnivorous plants questions.

Patrick D. Rockwell prockwell at thegrid.net
Sat Aug 31 01:10:02 EST 2002

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> > > > I know about 5 basic kinds of carnivorous plants. Venus fly traps, Pitcher
> > > > plants, Sundews, Butterworts, & Bladderworts. Are there others? I don't mean
> > > > subspecies of the abve, like different types of Sundews or Pitcher plants. I
> > > > heard that there is something called the Madagascar Parrot plant which is
> > > > insectivorous. Does anyone know about this? Where can I get the information.
> > > > What about the Century plant. Is that carnivorous? Thanks in advance for the
> > > > information.
> > > 
> > > I never heard of carniverous Century plant (Agave sp), nor a carniverous
> > > Parrot Plant; but my not hearing of them doesn't mean much. Several
> > > epiphytic succulents like the Century Plant may in fact feed on insects
> > >[snip]
> > 
> > I just remembered something! When I first read about the carnivorous
> > Parrot Plant, I read it in a science book in 1967 when I was eleven
> > years old. But I think that it wasn't from Madagascar, but from
> > Ceylon! Any carnivorous plants there? I saw a picture in this science
> > book which looked like a wide bird beak sitting on the ground ready to
> > snap shut on anything that stepped into it. :-) A bit remensicent of
> > some of the man-eating plants that you might have seen depicted in
> > various sci-fi, horror, fantasy films. As for the Century Plant, I
> > recently saw an old black & white move called "The Thing From Another
> > World", in which one of the characters discussed intelligence in
> > animals, and said that the Century Plant could trap insects and small
> > rodents to digest them, but I guess that's not true. :-)
> > 
> > -Patrick-
> Do you mean the parrot pitcher plant from Florida? Sarracenia psittacina?
> It does not snap shut, no pitcher plants do. 
> I think you can find information and a picture in the cp faq at www.sarracenia.com

No, the one that I saw looked different. Of course, it was years ago,
and I think that I only saw it in that one book. At most, I might have
seen it referenced again in another book about carnivorous plants. But
I'm sure that what I saw was from Sri Lanka (or Ceylon as it was
listed in the book), not Florida. :-)

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