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Carnivorous plants questions.

paghat paghatSPAMMERS-DIE at netscape.net
Fri Aug 30 18:01:56 EST 2002

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"Cereoid+10" <cereoid at prodigy.net> wrote:

> An for the last time, I said comparing it to some silly plant in a bad
> science fiction does not help in identifying it. 

Sure it does! The primary source on the carniverous wisteria is Charlotte
Perkins Gilman's weird tale "The Giant Wisteria." If not for that story we
wouldn't even know that giant carniverous wisterias existed.

And what about Ray Bradbury's "Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In YOUR
Cellar!" Would you have known about world-conquering killer mushrooms
without Ray Bradbury to tell you?

And if so, I bet you have nobody to thank but John Collier whose 1932 tale
"Green Thoughts" reveals all one needs to know about carniverous orchids,
as plagiarised for the film(s) Little Shop of Horrors.

Or Edith Nesbit's 1923 tale of "The Pavillion" is very revealing about
man-eatint vines. You can't rely on no damn science book for that!

Oh, oh,  what about Hal Pink's "The Screaming Plant." We might all be
planting mandrakes in our gardens & getting killed by them if not for Hal
Pink's warning!

And if not for Robert E. Howard's "Garden of Fear" how could be possibly
know that flowers can become vampires.

Would we know there are giant man-eating flowers in the North Carolina
wilderness if Manly Wade Wellman hadn't reported about them in "Come into
my Parlor"? I think not! The truth is out there, but scientists know
they'll be hunted down by the government & their brains sucked out (ah,
but but what sort of plant!) if they told too much.

Heck, we even owe Barry Pain a debt of gratitude for warning us about "The
Tree of Death" which produces one giant seed with tentacles that must eat
a human being in order to germinate.

And if not for Howard Pease's 1919 tale of "The Wizard of Glororum"
however would we know that pitcher plants can grow to a size large enough
to devour a man. 

And who but Jack Snow would have had the nerve to warn us about "The
Seed," of an African plant that only germinates its seed in the stomach of
a virgin, to her unhappy end.

We know only from Carl Jacobi that a walking stick made from The Death
Tree can carry out an act of vengeance, as unfolds in "The Cane."

And because I doubt you ever read anything by the obscure Neville
Kelvington, you are most assuredly at risk of being eaten by the very
giant plant described in Trezbound's diary in the "Meshes of Doom." 

-paghat the ratgirl

"Flowers are commonly badly designed, inartistic in 
color, & ill-smelling." -Ambrose Bierce
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