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Non-toxic air cleaning houseplants?

Karen kchuplis at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 25 17:49:04 EST 2002

in article 3D690467.C54B43E8 at sonic.net, Mark Thorson at nospam at sonic.net
wrote on 8/25/02 11:22 AM:

> Karen wrote:
>> Y'know, I don't know about the ionizers, but they have said too that the
>> HEPA purifiers are not doing anything really but I find that hard to believe
>> as when I changed my carbon filters the other day, you would not BELIEVE the
>> amount of dust on them that would have been floating in the air. I think
>> they must do something. Also, Grant, cat with allergies, likes sleeping in
>> that area of the room, which he didn't before. Anecdotal, yes, but still
>> gives pause to wonder.
> Electrostatic precipitators like the Ionic Breeze only remove dust.
> HEPA filters remove dust, and do it quite well, if that's your problem.
> Neither electrostatic precipitators nor HEPA filters remove vapors,
> such as the solvents outgassing from your furniture, carpets, etc.
> Carbon filters will remove vapors, until the carbon becomes
> saturated with the chemicals it's removing.
Well, for instance, my Holmes HEPA filter has carbon filters on top of the
HEPA filters. There is  no doubt that cooking smells, etc. dissapate more
quickly than they used to. You do however have to consider the size of the
space and the filter/purifier you get.


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