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Palm House Plant Leaves Browning.. HELP!

how hodec at my-deja.com
Sun Sep 9 16:47:52 EST 2001

Heather wrote:
> I can say this much:  When I bought it, it was in an semi-outdoor
> greenhouse.  The thing is, Almost 70% of the leaves were yellowing,
> but not much brown on the tips really.  I figured this was due to so
> much direct (semi direct) sunlight from the greenhouse.  
> snip
> I think i may have planted it slightly deeper in the new pot, 

Your plant has been correctly identified (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)
although that name has been changed to Dypsis lutescens. Commonly known
as Areca palm. As stated a yellow cast to the petioles is normal.
The list of light requirements indicates a requirement of at least 600
foot candles of light, this is fairly bright. I think your problem is
that you have planted it too deep and perhaps keeping it too wet. If you
have ANY soil on the stems of this plant I would suggest that you repot.
Do not add any more fertilizer when you do this. As to watering let it
dry to the touch and then stick your finger two knuckles deep and if it
is moist - wait a couple days and test again. 

hth  -_-  how
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