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Palm House Plant Leaves Browning.. HELP!

livesoil soil at dirtboat.com
Fri Sep 7 15:28:50 EST 2001

On 7 Sep 2001 10:30:47 -0700, heatherineverett at aol.com (Heather)

>I can say this much:  When I bought it, it was in an semi-outdoor
>greenhouse.  The thing is, Almost 70% of the leaves were yellowing,
>but not much brown on the tips really.  I figured this was due to so
>much direct (semi direct) sunlight from the greenhouse.  It was mostly
>a flower/shrub greenhouse and they didn't seem to care much about this

I would suggest never buying a plant with 70% yellowing leaves!

>poor little palm.
>The container it came in, like so many plants, was extremely small and
>remarkably low in soil.  It just seemed to be a plastic container of
>roots and then some dirt just for the hell of it.  I think i may have
>planted it slightly deeper in the new pot, but just because there
>wasn't much dirt to start with!  I wish I had more information, but it
>just came with a tag that said 'misc. houseplant'.

Never plant a palm deeper than it came. I actually check to see if the
last planting may have been to  deep....
>I posted some more information on the type I think it is earlier today
>in the thread.
>Thanks so much,
>heatherinnh at aol.com
>how <hodec at my-deja.com> wrote in message news:<3B981C08.56A89DEE at my-deja.com>...
>> Heather wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Where was this palm grown? If it was grown in higher light than it has
>> now it could take about 18 months to acclimate. Tip browning can be
>> caused from over or under watering and from fertilizer burn among other
>> reasons. At least stop adding fetilizer each time you water, the soil
>> you used has enough fertilizer (although the wrong type) to last for a
>> couple of months.
>> Did you re-pot at the same level it was before?
>> Could you describe the plant at all? Some 'palms' turn out not to be
>> palms. ;)

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and to understand these workings."

—Rudolf Steiner

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