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Palm House Plant Leaves Browning.. HELP!

Heather heatherineverett at aol.com
Fri Sep 7 12:21:29 EST 2001

I looked online and it maybe an 'Areca'.. it certainly looks like this
one (yes this is a pic of a silk one but close enough)


The funny thing is, I HAVE TWO HUGE FISH TANKS! One is right around
the corner from the plant too.  What I mean by this is the humitity it
definitely NOT a problem in there!  I live in a two bedroom apartment
in New England (USA) so if one room is humid, they all are.

According to everyone's (much appreciated) information , it seems like
I just might be over-fertilizing.  My other house plants get
fertilized at the same time though, including a much smaller type of
palm, and they don't seem to mind though so I'm still slightly
confused.  If anybody knows of some 'care sheets' or something for
this type of palm that would be helpful, otherwise just the rundown
here.  What type of light/watering/feeding they like.

One more thing:

What do I do now?  I mean all the leaves (except the aforementioned
new green ones on top) are either 30 - 50 % covered in brown from the
tip down.  Should I cut them off?  Should I leave them?  Should I put
it out on my balcony for some sun?  (although it's starting to cool..
roughly 74F tops now a days)  Should I give it a 'drought' for like 3

Thanks again everybody...


PS Email answers to heatherinnh at aol.com would be even more appreciated

"Toni" <Toni at irish-wolfhoundsSPAM.com> wrote in message news:<x8Ul7.1292$5r.96087 at newsread2.prod.itd.earthlink.net>...
> "livesoil" <soil at dirtboat.com> wrote in message
> news:09vfptsrgic7ocn0si0jmh7dbqr0jp2umb at 4ax.com...
> > >Palms all love lots of humidity..
> >  NO many palms are not doing well in florida simply because they don't
> > ALL like humidity!!!!
> >
> > Better to ID the species and culture accordingly...
> Take it easy....
> While it would be nice to have an ID, it is not likely in this case. I'd bet
> it is a Chamaedorea or an Areca, and the likelihood of humidity being needed
> in an indoor potted palm is about 99.9%.
> Of the 42 species palms I currently have on my property, all are thriving in
> high humidity.
> I'm betting hers will too.

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