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Palm House Plant Leaves Browning.. HELP!

Penny Morgan PMORGAN2 at nc.rr.com
Fri Sep 7 07:28:15 EST 2001

Most palms are a little fussy when it comes to moisture.  Try watering it
deeply (let it run out the bottom into a plastic container) once a week.
They also usually require bright light (not sun).  Some palms, like Sago,
like the sun though.  Palms are known to brown at the tips and require
humidity or moisture on the leaves.  Try misting the leaves with a fine mist
bottle once a week too.  I would cut back on the fertilizer, especially
toward Fall and Winter, when plants need a little rest.  Start fertilizing
again in the Spring and Summer with a weakened amount once a week, then once
a month as you progress through the Summer.  I would cut the brown leaves
off and trim the brown tips on an angle with scissors.

Zone 7 - North Carolina
Heather <heatherineverett at aol.com> wrote in message
news:998d45ce.0109060748.33a80af5 at posting.google.com...
> Hello All-
> I am hoping you can help me with my house plant.  I am not sure
> exactly the species but it is certainly a palm, about 4 1/2 feet tall
> right now.  Anyway, I got it about a month ago and since then almost
> all the tips of the leaves have browned and now the brown is consuming
> the leaves (dying it seems).  It has fairly low light but not dark..
> in the living room probably 15 feet away from the nearest window but
> never any direct sunlight. I water it about every 1 1/2 to 2 weeks,
> with miracle grow added.  But I make sure to let the soil dry out a
> little first.  I'm quite concerned as I really love this plant and
> want it to live but I am having some trouble!  It has shot up some new
> leaves on the top that are nice and green, but I am worried those too
> will brown soon!  And I should mention also that as soon as I got it I
> replanted it in a nice big container with miracle grow soil so I doubt
> that is a problem also!  The only thing I can think of is occasionally
> when we walk by it we mistakingly brush up against the leaves.. could
> that cause this?  PLEASE HELP!
> Thanks Much-
> Heather
> New Hampshire, USA
> Please email: HeatherinNH at aol.com

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