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Help me ID this flower please

Cereoid* cereoid at prodigy.net
Sun Sep 2 18:38:21 EST 2001

Now see what you did Johan.

You have given Beverly an opportunity to pontificate upon how wonderful she
is and how terrible I must be for absolutely no reason at all!!

All bow down in the presence of our wonderful queen Beverly.

Her track record may be poor and she may be clueless much of the time but
all that pales in comparison to her high opinion of herself. She never lets
the truth get in the way of a cheap shot at someone she doesn't know. If she
wasn't so flawless, someone might mistaken her for a liar, a hypocrite and a
cowardly troll.


What in the heck was the original topic anyway?

Oh lets see, I called on someone for asking how tall a plant was when what
was needed was a thorough description of an unknown plant. Simply asking how
tall it was would have been of no little help at all in identifying it.

Asking for a description must really be out of line for a person as gifted
in psychic plant identification as Beverly.

Wait a minute, Beverly didn't even bother to crawl out from under her rock
to even hazard a guess. Why should she squander her rare gift with this
She'd rather shake her rattle and hiss.

Beverly Erlebacher <bae at cs.toronto.edu> wrote in message
news:2001Sep2.094504.8209 at jarvis.cs.toronto.edu...
> In article <tp086i7tmopj4a at news.demon.nl>,
> Johan Timmermans <postbus at timmerjw.demon.nl> wrote:
> >I was tired and did not see it was old.
> News doesn't propagate uniformly, and sites don't receive articles in
> the same order.
> >In my language (dutch) "what kind of question is that?" (after
> >translation) sounds very unkind and humiliating, and there
> >was no need for because (in mine opinion) it were normal questions.
> It's unkind and humiliating in English, too.
> >This irritated me a little bit, and I called it a stupid flame.
> >It would be better if J had formulated that less harsh.
> >J did not want to start a flame, and still do not want to.
> You really don't need to apologize.
> >Finally, after reading more articles in this group, J have
> >to conclude that normally you are very helpfull and kind.
> Cereoid is occasionally helpful to people who ask questions in a style
> he regards as appropriate.  Others are an opportunity for him to behave
> in his typically arrogant and obnoxious manner.  In many years I have
> never seen him be kind.  He especially likes to ridicule people who are
> not native English speakers, an especially childish behaviour.
> It's useless to call him on it.  It just encourages him.  Please don't let
> him discourage you from participating in this newsgroup.

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