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Mother-in-law's tongue

David White dynasty.white at NOSPAMhome.com
Sat Nov 24 16:38:22 EST 2001

Thank you all for the info I requested earlier.
I'm really getting into this plant thing. I have "slips" all over the house
and so far so good.
Some are in glasses of water and some I just stuck in the pot with some
stuff to make roots grow.

There is one plant however that I'm not sure how to start.
We have a neglected Mother-in-law's tongue
at work and I would like to take a cutting from it and start my own plant at

Leaf cuttings of variegated forms generally revert to the non variegated
Use 4 inch segments of leaves (10 cm) for leaf cutting.

<<<< (Can someone explain what this is telling me please. I was going to
just chop off
a piece of the plant and stick it some water till the roots started to grow
and then pot it.) >>>>

Make sure to keep track of which side of the cutting is the top and which is
the bottom.

<<<< (Am I missing something here? Cut the plant and the tip of the plant
would be the top. Sick the
cut part in the water.)??? >>>>

Insert the leaf cutting 1 to 1.5 inches (3-4 cm) in rooting medium.

If the top side of the cutting is mistakenly inserted in the medium, it will
not grow.

<<<< (Again, I think I'm missing something here. Why would anyone stick the
leaf in up-side-down???) >>>>

The medium should be moist, but not wet, and the temperature should be
around 75°F (24°F).
If the medium is too cold or too wet, the cutting will probably rot.
Roots start forming in 3 to 4 weeks, and a couple of months are needed to
see the first leaves.
Each cuttings might produce several plantlets.

<<<< Maybe I should go out and buy one that is already started, but then
that wouldn't be the same as
starting one from the begining and I wouldn't be able to boost about my
plant as much. : ) >>>>

dynasty.white at home.com

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